Outdoor and Walking Festival on La Palma

In the next few days, I'll be posting about the walk we did on Thursday, 29th July, along the GR130 from San Nicholas in the west to Los Canarios in the extreme south.  It has been many years since we last walked it and it was a good opportunity to refresh our memories.  Plus, since we did the walk, that area has suffered from some extreme conditions which resulted in the road falling away in several places.  We had not been down there since it happened and so were interested to know if it would affect walking the GR130 route.  The answer was - no - the GR130 route is still very much in tact so our report will not include any swinging from ropes over ravines.  Shame!
However, for your walking calendar, next weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 6,7 & 8th August), brings the Outdoor and Walking Festival on La Palma.  The programme includes:-
Guided walks - for example, the GR130 from Gallegos to El Tablado (billed as the Great Northern Cliffs), the GR130 from Las Tricias to Lomada Grande, the Caldera, adapted walks along the GR131 volcano route, the Laurisilva forest of Los Tilos and a night walk from El Pilar to observe the skies.
A talk by the winner of the 2010 Trans Vulcania (extreme fell running at altitude over a distance of 83 km and an accumulated height difference of 8,500 km)
GPS workshops
Route planning
Stalls with walking type products, etc

It sounds like there is something for everyone including a 'multi-park' for children in the square.  So if you are interested, then sign up for a walk, talk or course or just head along to the Plaza de  EspaƱa in Santa Cruz next weekend. 
Further details can be found on the website www.senderosdelapalma.com

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