A bit of a run

If running is your game rather than walking - and I am talking here about the rather specialist sport of mountain trail running - then you could hardly pick a better place to do it on than La Palma.
Over the past few years there has been an increased interest in running on the island which has resulted in events such as the Transvulcania (85km) and the Puntallana Goat Trail (32km).  However, these distances can easily make you break into a sweat just at the thought.  Hence the idea of the shorter Aduares Run of 11km which will allow more people to participate especially as it is (apparently) of a low difficulty.
Scheduled for the 19th December, you can register at this site www.sportlapalma.com

Other dates for your diary are -

I Duothon - Brena Alta - 19 February 2011
II Duothon - Puntallana - 16 April 2011
III Transvulcania - 7 May 2011 (be very afraid) or Half Marathon at 26k (only slightly less afraid)
XII Triathlon - Fuencaliente - 25 June 2011 (swim 0.75k, cycle 20k, run 5k)
I Aquathon - Bajamar - 16 July 2011 (run, swim, run)
I Aquathon - Los Cancajos - 13 August (run, swim, run)
X Triathlon - La Palma - 20 August 2011

You have been warned.  Now get out there training!  I shall be watching you ...

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