The GR131 La Palma - A day in the alps

We've been out walking the GR131 today starting from just below Roque de Muchachos along the trail to the Mirador de los Andenes and then back again.
 Brilliant stuff with quite a bit of snow still up there. 

The views along the way were completely amazing as it was so clear.  We could see right down into the Caldera, over to the Cumbrecita and Pico Bejanado, right down the volcano route and the whole of Tenerife and snowy Mount Teide in the distance along with the islands of El Hierro and La Gomera. I can honestly say we have never seen such wonderful views and we just ran out of words to describe it.  
Give me a couple of days and I'll write about it properly!


  1. Great photos. Funnily enough I was on Pico Bejenado on this very same day, so you might have seen me in the distance! Sorry I didn't track you down whilst on the island. Chris

  2. That is a coincidence! We did see somebody in the distance - funny you should mention that - but it wasn't on Pico Bejanado. It was someone on the Caldera ridge and would have made a fantastic photo as Tenerife and snow-covered Mount Tiede were in the background. Sort of sadly, I'm just a point and shoot person which does me most of the time.
    Maybe another time when you are on La Palma then, especially as the GR130 has recently been re-routed to within 2 minutes of us the and PR 9.1 now runs alongside the finca. Thank you Cabildo of La Palma!