El Trio Zapatistas walk la Palma

Have you ever  looked at the official island website on walking on La Palma.  It is a fantastic source of information on the walking routes on the islands (Red de Senderos La Palma, network of paths) and include not just the GR130 but also the GR131, the volcano route, Marcos y Cordera and many more.  It doesn't actually give you a point by point route description but does give distances and profiles.
However it is especially worthwhile looking at right now because our very own wonderful La Palma band (of singing bandoleros variety), El Trio Zapatistas, have got a U-Tube video link on the main page.
Just click here and you too will become an instant fan of El Trio Zapatistas.  Guaranteed!  And what's more you can join in with them as they walk the fantastic hiking trails of La Palma.  Singing along is optional.


  1. It would seem the authorities here in Tenerife don't yet quite have their act together as much as La Palma. I recently read a couple of on-line accounts of walkers being met with bewilderment when asking for details of the new GR131 route in tourist offices here. Hopefully, this will be addressed in the near future.

  2. La Palma has certainly been moving mountains, so to speak, with its walking routes. In general they really are being well-maintained, with excellent signing and where possible literally changing a route to make it more rural and off-road.
    I did discover though that if you ask locals about the GR130 route, they look a little blank. To them it is still the 'Camino Real' or 'Camino Real de la Costa.'