A short walk through the woods

Step by step, La Palma is improving all of its 1000km + of trails and tracks around the island.  It's a mammoth task of course, not just clearing and marking the paths but maintaining them as well.  And I am happy to say that the vast majority of the work has been completed and our walkers are mightily impressed with the walks on La Palma and how clearly they are marked.
However, it seems that even the smallest paths have not been forgotten and just last week we discovered that the path between Hotel Romantica and the town of Barlovento in the north east of La Palma has been reclaimed.
It is a very short stretch admittedly and only takes around 7 minutes, but it is immensely better than walking on the road which not only takes longer but is less than ideal with no footpath. The result is that walkers and hotel guests can enjoy walking on this small woodland trail between the hotel and the GR130 route around La Palma as it crosses through Barlovento town with its shops and many facilities. 
And I must say, it is surprising how even the shortest little trail can be a bit of fun - and don't forget to watch out for the selection of pygmy chickens and cockerels that inhabit the woods.

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  1. I'm heading down to La Palma in January for the first time, can't wait to try some of the walks you've suggested! Looks like a beautiful island!