Walking the GR 130

Map board in Franceses, Garafia

Welcome to all those interested in reading about walking the GR 130, the route which goes right around the island of La Palma, Canary Islands.

The aim of this blog is to

1) provide information about the GR130 route for those who plan to walk it
2) stop me boring readers of our www.fincafranceses.blogspot.com by going on about the GR130
3) provide a more chatty report about the route than is appropriate on our website www.holiday-lapalma.com

Please feel free to join in and comment with your own tips and advice as David and I take up our wanderings around the island.

So, to start with, an advice section:
I have noticed that many people are doing very nicely without my help or advice. However, if I were allowed to make three suggestions, they would be this:

In places, finding the signs to follow the trail can be like a treasure hunt. And then in places, where there is no possible deviation along the path, you will find a very clear sign. Don't let this annoy you - it's all part of the richness of life along the GR130.
Organise you accommodation so that you can walk without your great big rucksack. This is imperitive. The way you can do this is to book two nights and then catch the bus back to your start point. If you cannot do this or do not plan to do it, you must, MUST, travel light. It is not just the distance that will challenge you, it is the heat which can be debilitating, but the incredible and constant change of altitude.
And lastly, carry a bus timetable with and list of taxi phone numbers. That way, you have an exit plan.
And finally, book your accommodation in advance. We have had guests still looking for accommodation when it is nearly dark.
OK, so that was four suggestions, but the GR130 is like that!

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