GR 130 - San Nicolas to Los Llanos 10.5 km

Normally we walk the GR 130 route in an anti-clockwise direction but this time we set off in a clockwise direction – the reason being that we couldn't find where the recently re-routed GR 130 left Los Llanos. Oh yes, that old trick.

Our start point was the Bodegon La Tamanca (Tel: 922462155 for reservations if you want a great meal in an unusual setting) just south of San Nicholas. The reason we started at the bodegon is that we already walked from the bodegon to lighthouse at the southernmost tip some time ago with a walking group from Breña Alta.

Our first problem was of course finding a GR130 walking sign from out of San Nicholas. Oh well, we would just follow the road for a while since the map showed the route crossing the road in San Nicholas.

After passing through San Nicholas (no good asking at the shop there – locals never seem to know where the GR130 is and why should they) we at last came upon a sign. It indicated that, apart from Montaña de las Toscas being 30.7 km away – something we hardly wanted to know since that lies just south of Mazo halfway around the otherside of the island - we should head up to the right along a steep, boring road in the general direction not of Los Llanos. This didn't feel right but we trudged on up the hill anyway.

Nope – we really were not going in the right direction and so we returned to back to the road and followed it some more heading straight ahead for Los Llanos. In the distance we eventually saw the good old red and gold sign indicating that we should leave the road and head down an almost parallel track.

And of course we realised then if we had obeyed the first sign, it would have brought us out at this very point. Mmm, think our way was better!!

After that it was plain sailing along easy track. Yay!! How nice to be able to 'switch off' and just amble along a fairly flat track of what I presume was the original road. Ah - lucky for those houses when the new road was built! But we did brush with the road a couple of times but with so little traffic on La Palma, it was hardly a problem. Here, as you can see in the photo, we are on the main road but the scenery is still beautiful.

The thing I love about walking the GR130 is that you think you might know what it is going to be like - but I can assure you that you will always see something you have never seen before and bear in mind that we have lived on the island for eight years now. I have never seen this paddle cactus and here it was growing in someone's front garden.

Two and a half hours later, we were intruiged to discover where we would enter Los Llanos. It turns out that we could stay intruiged as we lost the route just where it was getting interesting and had to back track.

So here is the bit you are dying to know – how to find the GR130 as you leave Los Llanos for the south -

On the main dual carraigeway road of Los Llanos, head down the road with the petrol station on the corner (it's called Calle General Yague).
Take the left fork (not left turn) called Calle Pedro Miguel Hdez. Camancho
Continue down this road until you come to a T-juntion.
Take a left
Follow road until you come to a turn off to the right called Camino Malpais de Triana
Now you will see the GR130 walking sign again.

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