Ruta del Bastón - GR131 group walk

If you have a passion to walk the GR131 but not the inclination to do it on your own or without backup, now is your chance.  
Next weekend, the 4th and 5th June, the walking group Caminantes las Breñas will be setting off from Tazacorte on what is often called  la Ruta del Bastón (The Walking Stick route).  For those who are rather more keen on using route numbers, it is the GR131 La Palma route.
In the context of the 'bastón,' Tazacorte is at the end of the handle of the walking stick with the Caldera de Taburiente being represented by the inside area of the handle.  The Roque de Muchachos is the uppermost part of the handle itself and the volcano route the long, straight stick part.  So it's a case of up ... over ... round ... and down right from sea level at Tazacorte in the west of La Palma, to 2426m at the Roque de Muchachos and back down to sea level at Fuencaliente in the extreme south.  
The route starts at Tazacorte
Day one will get you (with a little luck and some stern walking) to Refugio Punta de las Roques where you will overnight.  Day two will take you from there, to El Pilar, the volcano route and eventually Fuencaliente lighthouse.
In fact, it is the Transvulcania route in reverse.  Whichever way you do it, it's not for the faint hearted. 

You will need to put your name down for this walk by 2pm on Monday 30th May - details are here.
Incidently, if you are looking for holiday accommodation in Tazacorte in conjunction with walking and or sightseeing, we are now able to offer, on behalf of the owners, a one-bedroomed apartment right by the beach.  The GR131 is literally right around the corner, the GR130 not far away and it's just a short bus ride to the town of Los Llanos.  It is also handy for the volcano route, Cumbrecita and Caldera - plus it is right by the beach.
So if you are looking for a self-catering holiday apartment on La Palma with all of those things, click here or just ask.
Happy walking folks!

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