Walking holidays on la Palma

You might have noticed that our walking boots are not get out and about very much these days.  And if they are, it is not exactly off the finca or the north of La Palma at least!
But just because circumstances mean that we aren't doing too much walking at the moment doesn't mean that other people aren't.  For example, did you know that there are many different companies who offer walking holidays on la Palma?
To begin with, there are La Palma based companies who offer daily walking trips on the island.  For example, you might choose a route such as the Volcano Route or the 'Wild' North.  All you need to do is book, turn up at the appointed meeting spot such as at Los Cancajos, Hotel Princess or Puerto Naos and a coach will take you to the start point of the walk and then collect you at the end.  You will of course be expected to walk from one end to the other but at least you have a multi-lingual guide to make sure you don't get lost and who will also point out natural flora and fauna and generally keep you amused.
Then there are the companies who offer a full holiday with each day's walking organised.  This is certainly an option if you enjoy not just walking but also walking with the same group.  And of course you don't need worry about having a car, where you are going to eat, where you are going to stay ...or who you are going to talk to.
And last but not least, the companies that offer self-guided walks on the various routes with lots of tips thrown in.  Usually, with this type of walking holiday, the accommodation is also arranged in advance and often the car hire too.   A couple of companies organise not just your accommodation but also luggage transfer as well.  The idea is that you walk between hotels, apartments, bed and breakfast accommodation and when you arrive at your destination for the night, you luggage is already there.
 And then of course a combination of all of the above such as the bespoke walking tours that we offer to individuals, couples or small groups with accommodation arranged and part guided, part self-guided walks on La Palma. 

Surely something for everyone!

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  1. awesome love the pics and love the story think you had a great time