Walking Los Tilos, Marcos y Cordero

Funny how you find things out. For years and years there has been a system for those who want to walk the Marcos y Cordero route through the tunnels. It was simple enough in that the people transporter 4 x 4 taxis wait by the plaza in Los Sauces and when there are a few people ready to go up, off they set.
That way at least, walkers get to share the cost of the taxi which otherwise would charge around 60€ for the trip up to Casa del Monte, which is the start of the walk.
The only downside is that it's still quite a long walk back to Los Sauces after you have arrived at Los Tilos at the end of the walk.
However, now this system has been greatly improved you'll be pleased to hear. And I only heard about it thanks to Anne and Giles ;) who walked it just this week.
What happens now is that you take your car to the point just before the Visitor's Centre at Los Tilos and take the taxi there.
The first taxi leaves at 09.00 hrs or when it's full, or nearly full. (I've got to thank Diana and Marta for this bit of information as they walked it today along with Teresa and Alan :). The next taxi leaves around 10.00 hrs or when it's full. The last taxi leaves no later than 11.00 hrs after which it's rather too late to start the walk anyway.
The cost is 15.00€ per person with a minimum number of 4 people, or 60€. When the taxi is full, it's still 15€ per person - but well worth the money!
So now you can enjoy the walk through the tunnels that lead to the source of the spring water - La Fuente of Marcos y Cordero and walk back knowing that your car will be right there at the end of the walk.

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