Walking the Transvulcania

Did you know that the La Palma Transvulcania is not just about Sky running an ultra marathon, (how did the word 'just' creep in ... ) but for most of us who are not quite up to running 83km and much of it at altitude, you can still join in.
You see, the great thing is that the Transvulcania is an event with many facets.
First and foremost for the elite athletes there is the aforementioned Ultra marathon. There is also a marathon, a half marathon and a junior marathon.
Plus several fun runs. And new for 2014, the Vertical Kilometre which is a race over a distance of 6.6km but with a gain in height of 1km - i.e. it's steep. Oh dear, what will they think of next.
But walkers - or senderistas as they are called here - are not forgotten.
Last year the route took the walkers from the Refugio El Pilar down to San Nicolas and Las Manchas and then along the GR130 Camino Real route into Los Llanos. At little more than 15km and much of it downhill, it really is within the grasp of the average walker.  And the great thing is that the senderistas get to cross the Transvulcania finishing line. It's got to be worth it for that alone!
You can read more about the Transvulcania here - http://www.holiday-lapalma.com/transvulcania.html

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